Friday, August 14, 2020

The pond at the sports complex

Another visit to my mom's place! While I was on my way to the airport (yikes!) I wanted to put in one more swim at the Finnish lakes. Or pond rather, the pond at the Tuusula's sport complex in Hyrylä.

Small, but no one else around at 8am. A bit of dust (from algae or trees?) on the surface, but I did a quick swim anyway. Very refreshing. Not cold, but a nice sand-bottomed little lake. I mean a pond.

I was momentarily confused because there's a housing fair nearby, and the parking area for the fair is next door. But one can still drive to the sports complex and avoid the fair parking. Which is important,  because I'm guessing the parking fees at the fair are far from fair... :-)

The pond is at N 60.39110 E 25.02995.

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