Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hiidenkellari. Rare Karst in Finland.

Such beautiful pure calcite in the ceiling and floor. And cut so exact, as if by man... but it is the works of chemistry and water.

Jarmo, Eino, and me did a Sunday outing in Vihti, visiting the Hiidenkellari (Devil's Basement) cave. This cave had been used in the early 1900s for cold storage of milk, so a wall and door had been setup at the cave's entrance. And a small storage pool made of concrete. Still, this cave was spectacular in a cold, wet fall morning. Beautiful rock... water droplets shining like diamonds... colors like gold... and a tight spot to crawl into the final chamber of the cave...

The cave map for this cave is here.  The coordinates are N 60.35048 E 24.40388, but please be careful in the area -- the cave is very close to a house, so do not disturb anyone if you do visit this place.

We also walked around the hills to see if there's any other caves, and found two small holes between boulders at N 60.35236 E 24.40841 and at N 60.35259 E 24.40807. Jarmo went further than I did on this search, there are some additional small roof caves (described here). There was also the ruins of a basement of a house near the main cave.

The photos below are by me (Jari Arkko) and Jarmo and Eino Ruuth. First the entrance:




Final chamber:



Boulder hole 1:

Boulder hole 2:

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