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Kamenice Beach Cave

Kamenice beach is an out-of-the-way for most people visiting the Komiza village. Komiza is a picturesque fishing village on the island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea archipelago in Croatia.

There's also a small cave, if you go from the next beach to the north (the Dog Beach) towards Kamenice beach, there's a big hole in the cliff that you can go through. I was unable (due to high water and waves) go through to the next cliff, but based on pictures taken from the Kamenice beach direction there's possibly a bigger cave in the next cliff, and you may be able to get to this by going through the hole mentioned above.

If you come from the other direction, from Kamenice Beach to Dog Beach, you have to go around a cliff which you should be able to do, but again waves and high water prevented me from doing it. There's a small sandy spot between this cliff and the one that's supposedly holding the bigger cave.

See a picture of the bigger cave on the very left side of the below photo:

The smaller cave from the Dog Beach side is at N 43.0390013 E 16.0914765.

The whole area is volcanic. Actually, a plug of volcanic material blocks flow of water from the hills higher up on Vis island, creating a water barrier where the few holes form springs with fresh water. This was one of the reasons why Komiza formed here: availability of fresh water. At the Kamenica Beach there's an ancient fountain that leverages these springs:

Komiza is part of the Geopark Vis Archipelago, covering the island of Vis and surrounding places (such as the BiĊĦevo island and its blue cave). See the home page of the geopark here.

The description of the Kamenice Beach can be found here. The beach is at N 43.038200 E 16.092050. The Dog Beach is described here. This beach is at N 43.039195 E 16.091489.

First, a mandatory sunset picture:

The small cave hole entrance:

Overview of the Kamenize beach:

More sunsets:

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Radisson Blu Split Spa

Radisson Blu in Split has a nice spa area.

I couldn't take photos inside as it was not empty, but they have a 20-meter pool and several saunas. There's also massage and other wellness services available.

The website is here. They are located at N 43.503135 E 16.470007.

Derelict buildings nearby:

Beautiful sunset:

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