Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fresh swim at the Tuxbach. Very fresh. Brr.

What do you need after a hard day of skiing on the glacier? A small refreshening, perhaps? I wanted to swim at the waterfall in Hintertux, but it turned out to be both forbidden and not feasible. However, the water from the glaciers falls through the waterfall and then onto the Tuxbach, the river running through the Hintertux valley.

Why not swim there? Well, it was kind of shallow, just enough water to get myself under water when laying on back on the rocks. So not really swimming. 

But boy was it refreshing! No sign of the green-blue algae we had been suffering from in Finland. This water was freshly made, and just a few degrees, probably melted in the last hour from the glaciers above the valley :-) 

Actually, I wanted to swim a half a kilometer earlier on the river, at the place of the waterfall, but there was no safe place to do so.

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