Saturday, August 15, 2020

First flight during the pandemic

I took my first flight during the pandemic. Nervous.

Three observations:

  1. Told the flight attendant that it is my first flight in almost six months. She said that it was the first flight for the entire crew as well.
  2. Also, I actually had forgotten how to turn on the airplane mode on my phone.
  3. I thought that the meal I had in the airplane was the best meal I had ever. It was pretty good, actually, even on objective metrics -- salmon lasagna. But I also had not had anyone else make me a meal in six months before this...

Safety: Lets see how this goes. And before someone reacts about the travellers spreading disease, I should say that those that know me know that I take virus safety very seriously. I don't have zero risk for getting infected, but I've for instance avoided all public restaurants bars, and only visited shops four times on this two week trip.

FYI, I paid 20€ for my flights, and I have a policy of flying only on business class at the moment. I used a combination of vouchers from Finnair's cancelled flights and upgrade vouchers. Flights are also very cheap at the moment.

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