Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back to L.U.U.K.K.I. - Kaitalampi swim

I had already visited Luukki earlier, And had parking trouble, had to pay fees, etc. But it turns out the Luukki area has another lake as well, Kaitalampi. Kaitalampi is actually even better suited for swimming, and no parking  fees!

There's an official swimming spot in Kaitalampi, on the east shore. The easiest parking spot is on the west side and that's also where I swam (at coordinates N 60.32427 E 24.66283). The shore is easy to get swimming in for adults, no mud as there was in Häkläjärvi and many other places!

Retkipaikka recommends even a seven-pond tour in Luukki, as there are in fact not just one or two but seven different lakes in the area.

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