Sunday, August 9, 2020

Hyypiänmäki massive roof cave

With the new cave map service that we've been building with Ralf, I was able to make more sensible searches for known caves. In the cave map I can select the length of cave, for instance, and look for the bigger ones (albeit all Finnish caves are small). It turned out that there's supposed to be a 50-meter roof cave in Hyypiänmäki, near Klaukkala.

That cave is reported in the Suomen Luolat book, a book of Finnish caves. But on site, I made measurements and it turns out the cave is even longer, maybe 75 meters.

I also drew a map, here.

There's two small side caves (coordinates N 60.409705 E 24.708373 and N 60.409540 E 24.708555), and then the main cave is at coordinates N 60.409106 E 24.709333.

The side cave maps are here and here.

Note: your parking will be VERY difficult. It seems like the whole area is on purpose closed for any possible places for cars to be left in. That's a practice that I find somewhat disturbing. The nature is not just for the locals.

The small side caves:

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