Thursday, February 17, 2022

Lounge Closed


SAS, what did you do???

For once, I'm flying with lounge privileges... and there's no lounge. Oh well.

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HEL morning views


For once I'm flying on Lufthansa. Felt a bit like ... not using my own airline. But there was no option for this trip to Cyprus. And therefore, no breakfast at the lounge. However, the morning views as we lifted off from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL) were spectacular!

And the breakfast in the plane was good:


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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sunset at the Troodos mountains


These views from Troodos Mountains in Cyprus are ... not too shitty, as we say in Finland.

Cyprus Sauna


What do you do when you arrive in a new place? I always go check out the sauna...

This time I was in Cyprus, staying a few days at the Harmony Bay Hotel. I picked this hotel as it did indeed have a sauna!! Not too many hotels actually do in Cyprus... And it was pretty good, I got to use the sauna alone without any Corona-danger from a rush of gym users (perhaps due to the low winter season). And the sauna was good, certainly warm enough!

Sadly, that was the only time I was able to use the sauna during my stay, oddly they refused to heat it up after 7pm, and I was never back at the hotel by then...  too many interesting ski or cave things to visit :-)

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Cyclop's Cave


I had an opportunity to visit Cyprus this week, and, of course, there were also some caves. The Cyclop's Cave is on the south-east end of the island, a nice 23 m x 24 m cave with a sand floor and a thin rock cover above. Right on the beach, with great sunset views. But this is also likely not the "real" Cyclop's cave from the historic tales, that is in Greece.

I also managed to make a lidar scan and produce a basic map using my "Cave Outliner" software. A picture of the map is below, but for the high-res PDF version use this link. Or if you want to rotate the 3D model on your screen, click here.

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