Friday, August 28, 2020

3 times 3 roof caves


I recently visited three nearby places that had been listed as having large roof caves (by Finnish standards). And they did indeed deliver on that promise! In addition, I found that the three actually had three roof caves each. Nine cave visits on three trips :-)

The places were Klaukkala/Nurmijärvi and the Hyypiänmäki cave (more here), Nummi-Pusula and the Siitoonmäki cave (more here), and Siuntio and the Limpan's cave (more here).

I also draw maps of all nine caves, linked from the articles above.

I had not realized there were this big caves (even if just roof caves) nearby, but found them through the cave map tool that Ralf and I are developing. Each individual cave is also accessible via the tool using a URL, e.g., Limpan's cave.

Limpan's cave:

Hyypiänmäki cave:

Limpan's cave map:

Siitoonmäki cave:

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