Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saunahut at the Berghotel

I managed to find a very nice, remote mountain hotel to stay at: Berghotel Sudelfeld. They also had a sauna!

Their sauna is a separate wooden cabin next to the hotel building. Inside the cabin there's a dressing room and then a inner "box" that houses the sauna. The sauna was exactly right hot, clean, and I got to go there without any of the other guests.

Having a sauna during travels is always precious. You're likely sweaty and dirty, and getting to go to a sauna to clean yourself is appreciated. Even if I had just been to three rivers/lakes on my way to the hotel. As is the relaxation and warmth it brings. Even during the summer... particularly if you've been skiing on the glacier :-)

The odd thing was that there was no shower in the sauna cabin. That would have been useful, but oh well, the hotel rooms were just few meters away anyway, so no big deal.

The hotel is at coordinates N 47.67825 E 12.03599 in Bayrischzell, Bavaria and their website is here.

I also had meals at their restaurant. I ate outside in the terrace, trying to avoid mixing with other tourists. Even if in this case there were only 3-4 other guests at the hotel, and no outside guests at the restaurant.

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