Sunday, August 23, 2020

Siitoonmäen lippaluola -- Roof cave in Nummi-Pusula


I've been using the new Luolaseura map app and database to look for nearby caves that I have not been to. This is now much more convenient than it was before :-) You can easily look at, say, all caves bigger than some number of meters and look around you. So, I wanted to go see another 50 meter roof cave that was just 40 minutes drive away.

And this cave is in Nummi-Pusula, the Siitoonmäen lippaluola or the Siitoo hill roof cave. And I found some pretty interesting sights and caves, as you can tell from the above picture!

The first view that greeted me from the woods was this magnificent cliff:

It turned out that the cliff is a popular climbing place. Makes sense, with that kind of overhang...

The roof cave is at N 60.38351 E 23.87794. There are also two small side caves, one on the left at coordinates N 60.38320 E 23 .87811 and one on  the right, almost connected to the main roof cave at N 60.38390 E 23.87777.

I also drew three maps, here, here, and here!

Main roof cave pictures:

The first side cave:

The second side cave:

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