Thursday, August 27, 2020

More cave searches, based merely on the name

Inspired by Ralf's observation of cave-like names in the countryside, I searched for more caves from the Finnish map databases, and came up with some more placed called "Luolamäki" or cave hill. This time near Nummi-Pusula, Lohja, and Vihti. Jarmo, Ralf, and me set out to explore... with no prior knowledge of any caves in this area reported anywhere. Not in the book of Finnish caves, not in Retkipaikka, nowhere.

I have to say that the expectations were not high, we might indeed come back with nothing. But we did find a few small holes, mostly small roofs in cliffs. And recording them for the sacred purpose of keeping records :-)

The cave name search has later been made much easier by Jarmo Ruuth's excellent "Xyz" map service.

I drew some cave maps about these places. For Kyynärjärvi they are here, here, and here. For Huopinmäki they are here, here, and here.

Kyynärjärvi's cave hill cavelets below. First the main cave (N 60.3808 E 24.08374):

The small roof cavelet (N 60.38089 E 24.08413):

The under-the-boulder cavelet (N 60.38087 E 24.08464):

And then Huopinmäki's cave hill cavelets. First the roof cavelet 1 (N 60.40764 E 24.14558):

Roof not-even-a-cavelet 2 (N 60.40733 E 24.14539):

Roof cavelet 3 (N 60.40619 E 24.14450).

Roof not-even-a-cavelet 4 (N 60.40526 E 24.14415):

Under the boulder cavelet (N 60.40497 E 24.14419):

Jarmo and Ralf did a slightly longer tour than I did while I was drawing maps. Jarmo found in addition to the above cavelets these as well further to the south:

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