Saturday, July 4, 2020

Kattilajärvi swim

Another evening, another swim. Trying to find a crowds-free and virus free swimming places in the hot Finnish summer :-)

I had been to Kattilajärvi before, while looking for caves. But I had not swam there. While researching for possible remote swimming spots, I came across Tony Hagerlund's excellent local-knowledge blog post. He   notes that the official Kattilajärvi swim beach is probably the most remote and least used one. Yet, I think it is a great place. There's a fire pit, camping place, parking place, changing cabin, basic toilets, and ... most importantly, wonderful and largely untouched nature. 

The untouched nature is what I came for. I walked just a bit over 100 meters left of the beach and found a nicely sloping bedrock on the lake front. And some sand and gravel onwards under the water. A very easy spot to go for a swim, and still far enough from the crowds!

The public beach is at coordinates N 60.29907 E. 24.61974. The spot that I found is at N 60.29908 E 24.61782.

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