Thursday, May 7, 2020

Kattilajärvi roof caves

Today's exercise was an excursion to Kattilajärvi, which was reported to have interesting cliffs. There were a couple of small caves and two interesting roof caves.

The first one was an interesting 45-degree crack in red granite. There was a small crack also at the bottom where one could put one's feet at least. Maybe also head... I might have done that if I had someone to pull me back from my feet if I got stuck. But it is unlikely that it will continue much further.

But the second cave was a real gem: a flat roof, 1-meter high long and over 2 meters deep roof cave. Again in red rock, this time surrounded by green moss. Very nice! Also reported in Retkipaikka.

The coordinates are N 60.30145 E 24.62792. I also draw a map and took pictures:

Pictures from the second roof cave (coordinates N 60.30045 E 24.62799):

There were also a couple of other tiny cavelets, three roof ones, one under a boulder on the shore, and one triangular hole in a cliff face.

The triangular hole is about 1.3-1.6m deep and 1.5m high. Its coordinates are N 60.30030 E 24.62805. Picture:

Pictures from the other cavelets:



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