Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hepolampi swim

Today I went to Hepolampi for a swim. It is a medium sized forest pond, with clear but dark waters, soft bottom, and warm, quiet waters in the middle of nature. And -- guaranteed -- no one else around. There are 2-3 houses, but even they are well hidden and appeared empty.

The downside is access. Hepolampi is near the end of a long private road with gates and no parking. I was able to find a spot to park nearby, though, and luckily no one closed any gates while I was on my mission.

Be also careful for the soft bottom of the lake. I had to use fallen branches to be able to step forward the meter or two that I needed before I was able to swim. You can really sink in if you don't do that.

But very nice. Much recommended.

Coordinates: N 60.28927 E 24.66019.

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