Friday, July 3, 2020

The new, blue, Grottan

The new Grottan magazine came in mail. Grottan is the magazine for Sweden's Caver's Association, published I think four times a year.

In the opening, Lasse Löfquist wrote about the changed nature of caving in Sweden in 2020, instead of far-away caves this is now an opportunity to explore those local caves. As a local cave enthusiast, I definitely agree :-)

Lasse had also written a technical article on modifying a Canon pocket camera to automatically track when color-tracing comes through a cave system. An open source operating system (CHDK), modification of camera filter system, and a UV-flash were needed. Pretty cool, making cave science easier!

Rabbe Sjöberg had another very interesting and technical article about his long-term research topic that has started in the 1970s already. He's been looking at caves created through earthquakes. Contrary to beliefs in earlier times, the Swedish bedrock is actually not as stable as may have been thought. At the end of the ice age, as the weight of the ice shield lifted, earthquakes were common. There's also been methane-venting events. And based on the carbon dating, some of the quakes and events are new, up to just 700-900 years ago! Wondering if this research also applies to Finland? The article points to another article about research in the Karelian areas on the Russian side (link here). Need to read that, too...

The third very interesting article was by Henning Wictorin, who wrote about ice vsves in the Sulitelma glacier. Must have been a great adventure to visit those caves, and they look spectacular, as one can see from the cover photo above!

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