Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Sundet beach and Sundsberg harbour

I was looking for a place to swim in Sundberg, Kirkkonummi. My first attempt was to get to the apparent harbour on the west side, near Morbacka. Could it be a Soviet-occupation era harbour? And maybe a swimming would also be possible? This needed investigation. 

It turned out that the harbour did not have any signs of Soviet-era structures. That doesn't rule out that it wasn't from that era, of course. It also had a bit of a private or at least shared harbour feel to it,  so I didn't want to hang around and disturb anyone.

Also, Jarmo Ruuth's excellent maps at do not give a conclusive answer as to whether the place is from occupation era or not. There are no marked structures at that point, however.

But then I switched onto swimming mode and drove to Sundet, a beach in Sundberg's newbuilt housing community. What a wonderful place! A sheltered sea beach, excellent views.

And, no one else. I couldn't believe my luck. Later, one person arrived as well, but this is pretty good on a public, nice beach on a hot summer evening. Maybe I was there late enough that the families had already left home. Who knows. But the beach is also semi-difficult to find, not really marked in Google Maps, and even the road (Sipulitie) is not findable. Excellent. We should make not-in-Google a service that everyone can get...

But I'll spill the secrets :-) the beach is at N 60.16233 E 24.55733. The beach is also listed on Tony Hagerlund's excellent swimming spots blog. The tells us for instance that the building behind the beach is a sauna that one can rent. I should try it some day...



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