Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sahajärvi swim - The secret rapids

Fail. And fail again. My first choice of a lake turned out to be the water intake for Espoo. Maybe not swim there, in case someone doubts how well I wash my swimming pants :-)

The second choice was the great lake of Nuuksio's Pitkäjärvi. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any parking on the side that I was on.

Oh well, I drove on and got to Sahajärvi, also in Espoo and still in Nuuksio. A shallow lake, but found a parking spot. And, most importantly, found some rapids in the river running to the lake! The name of the river is Salakoski or the secret rapids. 

I just followed the sound, and found a decent spot to go for a swim where the river ends to the lake.

Coordinates: N 60.26887 E 24.54764.

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