Friday, July 3, 2020

Sorvalampi swim

The day was nice, very sunny. I worked hard... and wanted a swim on a remote, uncrowded lake or pond in the evening. Of course, by the time I left home in the evening it was already dark and raining :-)

And finding an uncrowded place was not easy, either. I first tried a side beach on the Bodom lake, but felt there were too many people there. Then I drove up to Sorvalampi swimming beach, a public beach on a small lake in Nuuksio. But it still had plenty of people, although they were starting to leave for the evening.

But, I walked to the end of the lake and picked an interesting looking cliff to climb and hike. It turned out that you can go to the water from the end of the cliff, if you climb down from the top. So I had my warm, nice, private swim anyway. Even if in the rain :-)

The coordinates for the public beach are N 60.29553 E 24.65031. The cliff was at N 60.29600 E 24.65231.

I found the public swimming beach through Tony Hagerlund's great local-knowledge blog. He covers many things from ruins to abandoned mills to beaches and rocks.

The public beach option -- empty when I left:

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