Sunday, July 5, 2020

Myllyjärvi swim

Another swim! In heavy rain, but hey, not too bad. The water is warm. In Myllyjärvi, north of lake Bodom and south of lake Sorvalampi.

There's an official swim spot, changing rooms, and basic toilets. At the official spot there's a pier. There are actually more piers in the lake, likely usable for swimming as well. 

The main pier is at coordinates N 60.28174 E 24.65574. I swam at slightly further away from the pier, at N 60.28114 E 24.65576. This place may actually also be an official swim spot, except that there's no sand beach or pier or anything, but still easy access to water via gently sloping rocks. No one else at this spot. Even with the rain, there were kids swimming from the pier, however.

There's a good parking spot and excellent walking path to the lake, just 200-300 meters or so. I realized there's a pretty big roof cave and a bouldering place next to the path. See a separate article about that.

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