Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Poisonous algae, but still swimming

Tuesday was difficult. The first place that I attempted to swim at in Matinkylä was signposted as having the dangerous blue-green algae in the water. And there was plenty of it, slushing green slime throughout the water. The same in the next spot... and the third. Or, there was a sign, but water actually seemed clear, so I did swim.

The second spot was the Hanikka beach, also in Espoo's seafront. The third place was also there, but slightly to the west: Soukanranta beach. I might not have swam otherwise, but there was someone else who was already swimming and she said she hadn't observed any algae.

Just in case, I swim only quickly, and then later showered carefully. That stuff can actually be dangerous.

Coordinates: N 60.13562 E 24.65134.

This is what it looked like in Matinkylä:

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