Saturday, July 18, 2020

Too slimy!

An attempt to swim in Matalajärvi... ended in a failure. I decided the slimy, still water and the extremely muddy bottom was not for me.

I was in the area of Matalajärvi for some shopping for my garden project, so I thought I'd try to visit the lake. I've lived in the general area for a long time, but actually never seen Matalajärvi before. It is actually hard to see, on a flat, grassy are hidden by forests and protected areas. I didn't even know about there being a protected area, actually. The area is more or less entirely closed during the bird's nesting times, but the signs said they just opened a day ago after July 15, so I went in. 

Going in even required some climbing over fences, and wet shoes as I approached the "shore". 

Unfortunately, it was not a good swim spot. There seemed to be one or two summer cottages on the other. side of the lake, it is possible that the other side is better.

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