Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Sonnimäki Soviet Bunkers

Bunkers... where we were supposed to find a bunker was what seemed the remains of two regular houses, one with a basement. But a hundred meters away we found an almost intact Soviet bunker.

Finally, we could better see the design of this basic form of the bunkers in the Porkkala parenthesis area. This is the most common, small bunker form. A few of the bunkers are of the larger, 2-story variant with round hole for a large 100 mm gun. But the basic bunker here in Sepänkylä has this floor plan:

Other bunkers of the same form can vary on where the gun is placed -- in many places it is sitting on top of the bunker rather than on the side.

Coordinates are as follows. Remains of house #1: N 60.15993087 E 24.47873539. Remains of house #2, with basement: N 60.15975614 E 24.47831369. The intact bunker: N 60.16092596 E 24.47613065.

Pictures from the bunker:

Pictures from the house with basement:

Pictures from the house ruins:

Cars nearby:

Photos (c) 2017 by Jari Arkko and Jarmo Ruuth. All rights reserved.

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