Sunday, October 15, 2017

Degerby ZIF-25

Googling for more information about the Kirkkonummi bunkers, I found out more bunkers, obviously. But also a tidbit that there maybe 250-300 bunkers in the Kirkkonummi area.

On Saturday Janne and I visited a "touristy" bunker in Degerby, Inkoo. This bunker was of the type ZIF-25, with again one round door. The bunker is probably similar to the one we saw in Masala earlier. That is, one made to house a 100 mm gun. The bunker type is large, with two floors, several rooms, and usually at least two exit tunnels.

This particular bunker is very easy to reach, next to the road at Inkoon Rannikkotie 551, Degerby (N 60.078693 E 24.144999). There's an easy parking spot on the grass, the round gun door is the way to enter, and there's a wooden platform to stand on inside. On the right side there's even a light switch!

(Of course, we didn't stay on platform but explored a bit further in this totally blown up piece of concrete blocks and twisted rebar. On the safe part, half of the bunker seemed too dangerous to enter. Still, there's too much rebar even on the other side, be careful out there if you make a visit.)

The Degerby pages and the Porkkalan Parenteesi pages have a bit more information.

Photos (c) 2017 by Jari Arkko. All rights reserved.

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