Sunday, April 12, 2020

TDM isolation

Time-division multiplexing; reserving a time slot for different entities. A telecommunications concept that can also be useful for skiing in the virus-infested world. With too many people going about during the day, I wanted to isolate myself by going to the ski hill at 1am. It was great, but I also had some equipment breakage.

My good caving light doesn't turn on; spare part ordered for the repair. I had to survive on the other five lights I had in the night :-)

But more sadly, I crashed the drone the that I got as a present from my IETF friends. It has been my great photographer on so many places in the last three years! Like for the footage from couple of days ago with skiing with Jarmo in Peuramaa. It has been the best present ever :-) I'm trying first to get a refurbished/used one as a replacement, or if that doesn't succeed, a spare part. I already ordered a refurbished Mavic Pro, but lets see if that arrives. It was too cheap... and the spare part route is harder, due to both availability and expense.

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