Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Schrödinger's Volvo

Today's good news is that my insurance company paid the expensive medicine I've started taking this year, costing around 6000€ per year. Usually in Finland the medical costs are negligible but this drug is not yet on the list, yet it is at least slightly better. Timely positive news, given all the economic worries in the world plus my house loan and the teenager's costs :-) Now if I could only find an insurance company to cover for the unexpected maintenance costs from the Volvo ... :-)

Some people may say that the maintenance costs are not unexpected. (Thinking of you, Spencer!)

But I like to think of it as a Schrödinger's Volvo: something is already broken, but we have no way of knowing which part, left, right, or undercarriage, before the smoke escapes from the broken part.

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