Saturday, April 18, 2020

Grottan arrived at mailbox

No, it is not a rat. It is a Swedish caver's magazine. Grottan is cave in Swedish.

This issue had a number of interesting articles, e.g., Stefan Barth's article about connecting previously separate caves in the Hemavan region. And Rabbe Sjöberg had two articles pointing people to cave leads that he knows about but which had not been studied. Perhaps an opportunity for exploring never-before-visited parts of the world?

But the most interesting article for me was Albin Enetjärn's description of his research to use the Swedish national land surveying data bases to spot potential sinkholes. Recent laser-based measurements provide an accurate ground shape measurements, which can then be used by algorithms to find specific features. Such as sinkholes in this case. Albin's research focused on a sample area in Västerbotten. Nice work!

The Grottan is published by the Swedish Caving Association.

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