Saturday, April 4, 2020

Kirkkonummi Cavelets

I realised last week that I need exercise, and sunshine. Today's exercise was to go caving in Kirkkonummi. But I didn't want to visit places that other people would likely be in. So I took the approach of visiting forest areas where there have been NO caves listed.

Yet, I knew that in Kirkkonummi there are often the kinds of rock formations that could present small roof or crack or boulder caves.

I had a nice walk, but I didn't really find any caves. I did find what I plan to call cavelets (luolanen in Finnish). Small rock holes or rock above your head, enough to protect from rain for one person but not enough to be called a real cave. Nevertheless, maybe worth listing these in some database as well.

Boulder 1, coordinates N 60.14565 E 24.53482:

Boulder 2, coordinates N 60.12645 E 24.52795:

Small crack, coordinates N 60.12804 E 24.52841:

Small roof cave 1, coordinates N 60.12802 E 24.52742:

Small roof cave 2, coordinates N 60.12842 E 24.52906:

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