Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Snowing in Vihti

It still wasn't the last run of the season! Vihti rules!

Me, Jarmo, and Sasha travelled to Vihti to go see the ski slope and whether it would still have snow. The only webcam in Vihti didn't give us a picture of the slopes, so we were guessing.

But the guesses were right, there is still plenty of snow in Vihti, in fact four different slopes have snow. Although, unfortunately, the staff caught us afterwards and instructed us to go away... ok. Maybe so. Obviously, we weren't disturbing anything in the slopes, and being safe.. and we were social-distancing all the time, typically at least 50 meters apart, occasionally maybe at least 10 meters. And the few golfers that were on the site that day were all in the very other end of the parking lot, so no danger there either.

The skiing and views were wonderful though! The snow was just the right firmness, not too hard, not too soft. The entire slope, the main run, was covered by snow. And the views from the top in the evening sunshine were wonderful, interrupted occasionally by the snowing (!) that was going on during the day.

I also had the opportunity to do some urban exploration on this trip.

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