Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stairway to Hea...Bunker

Bunker... in Jorvas. With a ladder leading down a tight concrete shaft. How could I resist?

I found a two-storey massive but blown-up bunker inside. The beauty of concrete blocks hanging from the roof among twister rebar. Fun!

There are over 300 bunkers in the Kirkkonummi region, left by the Russians after their 12-year occupation of the area after the second world war. When you walk in the forests of Kirkkonummi, you have to be very careful, as you may fall down an unprotected hole in the ground basically at any time or place. Be safe out there!

This particular bunker is out of the way, outside the usual hiking areas. I came here in order get some while-in-lockdown exercise, but not see any other outdoorsy people.

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