Saturday, April 18, 2020

Lumonite BX caving light repair

My best caving light broke down last week on a nightly skiing excursion. I measured it and determined that the likely culprit was broken battery. Today the mail delivered a spare battery, and I installed and voilá, the light works again! Happy about not having to look for a new light.

In the process the battery type changed a bit, because the original one was not available. The BX light series in general is out of production and stock; the new models by Lumonite are more powerful and more lightweight but they also don't look as rugged as the BX 1500 that I have. The BX is mostly metallic cooling frame, and it is the one that gets hits first to rock above your head. I'd hate to hit a plastic led cover to the same rocks.

Hence I'd love to keep my BX running for as long as possible.

There's an upside and downside with the new battery. The new battery is slightly larger and heavier 374g instead 274g. That being said, I have run out of light on a caving trip (link) so going from 7000 mAh to 10500 mAh is appreciated. And I was able to mount the batter far and low in the back of the helmet, it should not usually come in the way.

I acquired by new batteries from Valostore.

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