Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Testing new lights in the Luolavuori cave

Our first stop on the grand tour of southern Finland caves was in Turku, in the Luolavuori cave (The Cave Mountain Cave :-) ). We ended up trying for fun various lights, an oil lamp and a new Black Diamond headlamp that supports not just white but also red, green, and blue light. Very nice effects!

I also realized that the oil lamp is - while "slightly" impractical - great for keeping your hands warm, when carrying the lamp from the handle above the lamp. My gloves dried out in minutes while holding the lamp!

And the visit to Turku and Luolavuori is always great. As the official sign says below :-) It is truly one of the greatest Finnish caves! So dark, complex even for its small Finnish cave size, and has plenty of squeezes!

More green light photos. Black Diamond for the win!


Ralf at the top of the Luolavuori:

Luolavuori is by the way one of the practice locations for the Finnish Caving Association's starter courses. Ralf runs them, they are a lot of fun, recommend taking one if you have not yet! Among other things you will learn to crawl like a baby :-) Look for information on the Luolaseura web page and Facebook group!

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