Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Korkberget fun

Korkberget is my favorite local cave. Also one of Finland's largest block caves, even if you don't get to go very dark while going through the cave; in most places you can see entrances and light between the boulders. But it is a wonderful sight, a great squeeze exercise, and nice back massage. And clearly an opportunity to practice much needed flexibility by the cavers :-)

We started out in the cave by taking the hardest general section on the west end of the cave. This involves tight squeezes to dead end cave tunnels and back, passing large rocks with just a little bit of space to spare, and twisting your body in unnatural ways. Fun!

Then we continued through the library section (which used to host a magazine left by someone), which provided much needed massage when flowing down a sloping rock bottom under so large boulder that there was no space to hold the helmet on...

This was followed by the main cave, which looked fun:

And then we popped up on top:

Followed by an immediate descent to a vertical tunnel that needs to be climbed, for a visit in the cave's boat parking harbor (also inside the cave). Back out and then to the tightest squeeze of the cave, a narrow passage that first turns left then up, while not having enough space to move your hands from back to front... but we all made it.

Some earlier Korkberget articles can be found here and here. There's also a complex map.

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