Sunday, September 17, 2023

Láfolvárri - one of highest mountains in Finland


Woohoo, climbed one of the highest mountains in Finland! But I shouldn't mention it was only 1000 meters and few meters over. And just 250 meters to climb to from where we were. Still, a nice view. And most importantly, the only place in the neighborhood where we could get connectivity to mobile networks! Yay social networks!

The top of Láfolvárri is flattish, but the highest point is roughly in coordinates N 69.221383 E 21.399812. The peak is at 1024 meters.

See this Finnish and French lists of Finland's highest peaks.Pekka Paris has toured all the 26 above-1000m-peaks in 2009 (article). Then Jani Ikonen in five days in 2021 (article). And then in 2023, Tommi Lahtonen and Antti Eronen did this in three days and six hours (article)! Amazing journey for them!

Well, me and Jarmo have now done one ... in five days :-) 

Láfolvárri is quite remarkable though, as noted it is not a sharp peak. Getting to it is a hike, not a climb either. Still, you can see quite a ways. For instance, you can see the Toscaljärvi lake (picture above). You can see to Norway. You can see Halti. You can see snow covered slopes in August on the nearby peaks. There are a few nice boulders on top, as well as a number of small cracks/holes, though nothing that is big enough to be classified as a cave (see separate article). There's also a (likely) limestone layer cutting across the slope of Láfolvárri (see another separate article).

Me and Jarmo at the top:


This might be the top, marked by a metal rod. But equally well some other spots on the top could be real top... we did not measure.


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