Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mine sauna

I've been here before, but it is always refreshing: the Tytyri kaivos keeps having less miners but more and more tourists and elevator researchers. This time we found a treasure: a sauna in the depths of the mine, on level 80. 

The sauna is not historic, it has not been used, just a recreation. But they are trying to get the sauna approved for use. Crossing fingers, I will definitely come here if they open it up!

Other things in the mine include crushing plant, 1950s mining vehicles, the now broken diagonally rising pulley van, a light show in a 100m x 100m x 100m underground hole, troll park, geological history display, the fancy skyscraper elevator bank, a banquette hall, stalactites and stalagmites, and many other things.

And 5G works all the way down there :-)

More pictures from the sauna:

The elevators:

Other pictures:

Tytyri can be reached at their web site. Tickets are 24€ for tours, but you can stay after the tour to look around by yourself. 

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