Friday, July 21, 2023

Walls of Piran


Piran is a medieval town on the coast of Slovenia. A wonderful town, clearly retaining its historic parts. The protective walls of the city date back to the 7th century, and can be toured for a nominal fee. Much recommended.

We were also treated to an unexpected airshow as a Swiss DC-3 and three smaller planes were performing flybys and turns above Piran's harbor. Very nice!

Walking along the shorelines of Piran is particularly nice. On the northern side there's a long stretch where one walks under a steep cliff. The signs say there's some rockfall danger, and one should not swim or spend time there. But many people seemed to do exactly those things :-) If you walk further from the center though there's a proper beach near the camping grounds, the Fiesa Beach.

From the harbor one can actually see three countries in one glance, see below for the photo. We're standing on Slovenia, but on the left there's the northern parts of Croatia, and on the right there's the most eastern corner of Italy.

Later on this trip we ventured to both the Croatian and Italian sides, see here and here.

For more information about Piran, see here. For more information about the walls, see here. The walls can be visited in these coordinates: N 45.52746 E 13.571584.

Piran view:


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