Thursday, July 27, 2023

The REAL Postojnska Jama


Riding the train to the inside of the Postojna cave in Slovenia. The ride takes eight minutes through wonderful cave scenery. And then the actual cave tour starts, lasting an hour and a half. Is this the best show cave in the world???

Why is this article called the REAL Postojna Cave? Well, because some time ago we visited another Postojna Cave, in Czech Republic. But that cave, while nice, was tiny. See the old article here.

But back to Slovenia. This cave is massive, truly massive - over 24 kilometers long. And big enough to easily fit train tracks in. 

Postojna is really a major tourist destination, and can take a large number of tourists, yet everyone gets to experience all of the cave. Inside the cave, there's also a shop, world's only in-cave post office, and a concert hall. Once you take the train back to the surface, the village built to house the cave continues to offer more things: there's a hotel, shops, restaurants -- with "cave burger" on the menu - 

I also want to mention the olms living in the cave. A few are also held in a large aquarium that you will see during the cave tour. These are very rare animals. Here's a photo:

Here's the video of the train ride:

For more information about Postojna, the official visitor's site is here and the wikipedia article here.

Let's look at the stalactites:

Straw stalactites in the roof:

People on the tour:

Here's one of the tunnels inside the cave:

And the concern hall:

And views from the beginning of the tour:

Here's the cave's entrance:

Postojna is a wonderfully organized, clean, and well-served tourist location as well. They have the world's only underground post office, there's restaurants, shops, a hotel, expo facilities, etc. in the area. Well done!

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