Sunday, July 9, 2023

A year of walking


Completed my first year of tracking steps, not super much and all of it slow. But still yearly avg 12500 per day. Highest monthly day average was 19200 on the month where my hotel was 5km from the conference, and I kept making several trips per day. And highest daily count was 63000 when I walked to the office and back (43km, took eight hours).
What’s next? I don’t know. I can’t anymore find any useful YouTube videos to listen or podcasts that I want to listen. Conference calls still work, but only a small subset of them are suitable to be done while walking. Maybe roll back the tracking a bit and try to do more different things? I didn’t bike last year for instance because it wouldn’t increase the count 🙂
Below is a photo of the loaner dog from last day's walk:

More hiking and other stories in the Planetskier blog series at Blogspot. The photos and text (c) 2023 by Jari Arkko.

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