Monday, July 24, 2023

Slovenia lakes swim


My personal favorite lake was the Lake Bohinj (above pic). Pristine, clear water, almost no signs of civilization long the lake shores and the green-covered mountains around. Wonderful, just wonderful. But Lake Bled was also good, obviously with more castles and other human structures and services around...

We were swimming here on lake Bohinj, one of the official beaches: N 46.28216 E 13.88040. Parking was a bit scarce, but available and inexpensive.

Then on Lake Bled parking was very scarce and expensive, we paid 20€ for few hours at a Hotel Park's (!) parking lot. 

Also, interestingly, there was a 200€ fine for swimming outside the official beaches on Lake Bled. I wonder why?

But never mind, I chose avoid the police and swim at an official beach, the Grajsko kopališč or the "Castle  Swimming Area", as it was right underneath the Bled Castle on top of the steep cliffs rising from the lake side. Here's where the beach is: N 46.36851 E 14.10068.

Below are some pictures from Bled. First my tired feet getting a fresh bath:

The beach as seen from above, from the castle:

And down at the beach it looks like this:

There were some odd structures under the water on lake Bled. Anybody know what these are:

And then to Lake Bohinj. How nice is this?

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