Saturday, July 22, 2023

Lonely little cave that no one notices

We were driving back from the technical museum of Slovenia - a massive museum, by the way, well worth visiting. Then there was a hole in a cliff we drove by. I had to stop. The cliff was next to a parking lot and a bus stop, in town of Notranje Gorice near Ljubljana. No one was paying any attention... too many nice caves in this country, I guess. I decided to call the cave the Forgotten Cave. And I did go in.

The cave was a large hole, maybe 10 meters wide and 6 meters high, and perhaps ten meters deep. There were no obvious signs of human construction, this seemed like a real, natural cave formed under the cliff in the weak stone. Weak as in not granite like we have back home...

If anyone else wants to visit, the coordinates are: N 45.988011 E 14.401508. (But perhaps our other cave visits in Slovenia are more interesting, see the Postojna and Predjama cave stories.)

Here's what the cave looks from the outside:

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