Friday, July 21, 2023

Venice again, no skiing, just heat


Many years ago, I tried to find some skiing inVenice. No luck, could not score any snow from local skating rinks, so was unable to plaster the Calatrava Bridge with snow... sad... or maybe good. This year we went back there.

No snow or skiing this time either. We just walked around, and got to see most of it (if one can ever say that for a short visit). But we walked around the islands at least. In the heavy heat of 32 degrees, but reportedly it is going to get even hotter soon. I have to say I was suffering even in 32 degrees. And I'm worried that I'm contributing to the heating with travel and other consumption... :-(

It is a wonderful place though. 

For more about the bridges of Venice, look here. And more information about the Calatrava Bridge can be found here. The bridge is often called by the name of the architect that designed it, Santiago Calatrava, but the formal name of the bridge is Ponte della Costituzione.

I really loved the royal gardens, too, in the heat:




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