Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Kaleva swim. 2x.

I was looking for a visit in the Tampere swimming halls on the way to my summer cottage. It turned out that just on that day most of the halls closed for the summer. Bummer, I thought, and grudgingly decided to go for the remaining one. Little did I know that the Kalevala swimming hall - or Tampereen Uintikeskus as it is officially called -  would be a truly magnificent place. Perhaps one of Finland's greatest swimming halls?

For one, it is truly massive! There's an indoor side and an outdoor side. Both have 50 meter pools, and plenty of other pools to go with it... indoor there's also a 25 meter pool, kiddie pool and a jumping tower. Outdoor there's another jumping tower and kiddie pools. Wonderful! Much recommended.

(Just remember to buy a ticket for both indoor and outdoor if you visit.. I didn't realize I needed to do that.)

Links: official page and visitor's information page.

And then... for the apres-swim I went for a walk in Tampere... with a lunch in the market square huts... a bar visit at the top of the Ratina shopping mall's roof (the Periscope)... all nice.

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