Thursday, April 6, 2023

Trip to the North Pole


Arrived in Yokohama for the IETF meeting. The flights … since last year they are on a different, longer (13:30) route and the flight was packed, but the upside was flying through the north. Pictures below were taken when we were closest to the North Pole (60km).

Or that was per the captain, but it is actually only 51 kilometers, to be exact, according to the distance from the below coordinates to the North Pole.

See also my report from the return trip, on which we also received a certificate!

Here we are approaching Japan via the Bering strait:

And landing in Haneda:

And that was fun! But it was also a ton of fun to visit the sauna in the Finnair non-schengen lounge in HEL:

I was the first one to board, here's the empty plane:

And takeoff from HEL:

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