Monday, April 10, 2023

A Certificate for Visiting the North Pole!


Finnair gave me a certificate for being on their flight over the North Pole! When I asked the flight attendant about the coordinates (which are not exactly at North Pole), she promised to check with the crew. When she came back, she said that the captain says he doesn't know what coordinates were on the certificate, but that it was probably the marketing department's idea of the location of the North Pole :-)

Here's a view out of the window around the time were were at North Pole:

Here are some coordinates and maps. The closest we came to North Pole was 54 kilometers, at N 89.30'5".

Thanks to my friend Lars' expiring upgrade vouchers, I got an upgrade on the flight. The new business class was wonderful, here are some views of the seat and service:

Here's a snapshot from the takeoff at Haneda:

Upon arrival, this 4:10 am landing was the one where I found the HEL airport more empty than I've ever seen it. We had the only luggage delivery for instance, and only one set of skis in the carousel:

See also my report from my first northern route trip.

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