Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Rokokallio meet-up

So, as reported earlier, our caving association went to Rokokallio. Very nice to see people in the middle of the pandemic :-) and be in the nature. We ended up exploring most of the caves in the area. Here are some pictures of them. 

Starting with the main cave (pääluola) in coordinates N 60.489854 E 24.476853:

The top crack cave (päällysluola) is in coordinates N 60.489582 E 24.477191:

The roof cave (lippaluola) is in coordinates N 60.488881 E 24.479111:

The side cave (sivuluola) is in coordinates N 60.489937 E 24.476207:

The deep crack cave (syvähalkeamaluola) is in coordinates N 60.489154 E 24.477937:

The fire pit cave (nuotiopaikanluola) is in coordinates N 60.489495 E 24.477370:

The team having a break:

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