Monday, April 10, 2023

Tale of three ski ... attempts

A tale of three ski … attempts. First, the nice one was in the evening with Dan and Tero in the Snova Shin Yokohama, an indoor facility with interesting “polymer snow” that is complete harmless to human but should be thoroughly washed before leaving 🙂 

The second one was my attempt the next day to ski at Sun Meadows ski resort in Kiyosato, a four hour train ride away, but I finally bailed out of it after fumbling too much time in my transfers, an illiterate tourist, concerned that I’d miss my plane out of Tokyo; I did see the ski slope from the train window though 🙂 

Finally, unhappy with myself for being a wuss about train delay risks, when I landed in Helsinki at 4am I went straight to my local hill to ski it in the dark morning hours with a headlamp. I guess both March (Yokohama) and April (Kauniainen) skiing were done though, so good. And the eight hour train adventure was a nice outing in the lovely Japanese countryside, even if I didn’t get to the slopes.

Read more about the Snova Shin and train adventures here and here.

Snova Shin Yokohama above and below:

After-ski walk in Yokohama harbor:

Train adventure:


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