Monday, April 10, 2023

More Yokohama Forever Snow


I've been here before. But now I was again in Yokohama for conference, and also had some friends eager to go skiing. After our meetings were over in Friday evening, Dan, Tero, and me got into a taxi and headed to Snova Shin Yokohama.

This is an indoor facility with interesting “polymer snow” that is complete harmless to human but should be thoroughly washed before leaving 🙂 

Well, better not think too much about that. Not sure I washed well enough :-) 

It is an interesting place though. Small, and quite icy. But worth making a few turns in, and there's both a slope and a halfpipe. The ski lift is a moving carpet though, and a bit slow. It is also a hard one to get to, and has to side step on skis a few times to get to the platform where the lift starts. Or take skis off before going to the lift with stairs.

The weird snow:



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