Saturday, April 8, 2023

Onsen in the backstreets of Yokohama

I didn't like the prospect of using a super expensive conference hotel. Even if I didn't pay for it myself... so I looked for something more affordable, yet with some character.

So I wanted to look at hotels with a sauna to begin with. Up came a capsule hotel with a sauna (below).

But that would have been too much. To begin with, I wanted my own bathroom at least :-)

So I ended up picking Hotel Terrace Yokohama, a bit out of the main streets small hotel. Very affordable, but the big bonus was the Onsen in the basement!

And while the rooms were small, bathrooms tiny, and breakfast very basic and very local, I really enjoyed staying in this hotel. The Onsen had a lot to do with it, but I also liked the forced walking to the conference site. My step counter values liked this location :-)

The Onsen consisted of two separate hot baths, one larger and one smaller. They were liberally open during weekdays and a bit less open on weekends. But I liked that on weekdays one could go in as late as just before midnight.



Hotel from the outside:

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