Wednesday, July 27, 2022

South Czechia castles: Rabí and Kašperk


Our trip to Czechia concluded with a road trip to the Kašperk and Rabí castles. Both are medieval castles, partially in ruins and partially restored. Kašperk's two-towers-on-a-steep-hill design reminded us very much of the Trosky castle that we had seen a few days earlier.

We ended up spending much more time at Kašperk, having arrived there earlier and having an opportunity to visit the insides of the castle on a very nice tour. There were also food stalls, mini-cannon demonstrations, etc. in the inner courtyard of the castle. Rabí on the other hand... was already closed by the time we arrived, but we managed to walk around it at least. There were some restaurants in the Rabí village, but, weirdly enough, not offering any food, only beer. So we continued on.

Kašperk was remarkable, with its views, and much of it remained as it was, so we were able to see toilets (above picture), bathrooms (below picture, and yes, a bathroom in a medieval castle), and so on. Very nice.

Kašperk is at N 49.16604 E 13.56322, but it is not reachable by car. You'll have to leave your car at the parking lot a kilometer away at N 49.16496 E 13.58088 and then take the path to the castle. The path or the parking lot are not particularly well marked, but the broadest path does lead to the castle. And follow the crowds!

The Rabí castle is by the road and easy to find, here N 49.27926 E 13.61829.

Pictures from the Kašperk castle:

Pictures from the Rabí castle:

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