Saturday, July 16, 2022

Castles, castles... Czech edition


I had an opportunity to visit castles in Czech Republic this summer. The first one we went to was Hrad Trosky, the ruins of an amazing two-tower steep clifftop castle. What a magnificent, for defense business -only castle! The second castle, Hrad Kost was a more full-service one, and was used as an administrative base. With a torture chamber, of course. (Is there any other kind of administration???)

Hrad Trosky is such a radical, high-up-on-a-cliff castle that it was breathtaking. Literally, when you climbed the stairs to the top of one of the towers. Only one of the two towers is today reachable, the support structures and stairs for the other one are long gone. Yet, it looms high above the horizon. The castle can be found on Google Maps here. There's easy (paid) parking and restaurants, but a short steep walk to the castle.

Hrad Kost can only be toured on an organized tour (and in our case, in Czech only... but we can English-language printouts...) It resides in an area of interesting rock formations, at the cross section of three small valleys carved in the rock. The area itself is also interesting. The castle can be found here, and again there's easy paid parking. I also want to recommend the grill restaurant at the back of the castle, which makes really nice medieval-feeling meals...

Both castles are highly recommended.

Pictures from Trosky above and below:

Pictures from Kost:

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